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        We have a listof IAPs for our app that are displayed on the App Store. Users choose the option (number of users) they want to purchase. Unfortunately, these IAPs are out of order:


        2 users

        10 users

        5 users

        15 users



        There doesn't seem to be a way to reorder these (to numberical order in this case). They are in the correct order in App Store Connect, b ut not displayed in that order on the App Store. Is this simply an App Store bug?

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          PBK Level 7 Level 7 (3,435 points)

          I recall IAPs being presented in 'alphabetic' order where "10 whatevers" came before "5 whatevers" because "1" comes before "5" in the alphabet.  (Yours do not seem to be mis-sorted that way.)  But the 'cure' was to rename them "z 10 whatevers" and "x 5 whatevers".  Various other 'prefixes' might work.