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        My In-App Purchases on Mac Catalyst in Sandbox mode fail with the folloging pop-up message:


        Account Not In This Store

        Your account is not valid for use in the United States store. You must switch to the Switzerland store before purchasing.

        [Environment: Sandbox]


        I ported my iOS app to macOS using Catalyst (not just the checkbox), everything else seems to work now. I set up a macOS app record and corresponding IAP records, available in all countries. They are visible through SKProductRequest.


        My Apple ID is registered to the Swiss App Store and correctly shows me Swiss prices in the App Store app. In the sandboxed Catalyst app, however, SKProductRequest delivers USD prices and an US price locale instead of the Swiss prices and locale. It then fails with above message when I try to purchase one of them.



        1. Does anybody successfully use IAPs on Mac Catalyst with non-US accounts?

        2. How can I set the sandbox app store country on macOS, to test my IAPs in Catalyst?