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        I'm having an issue with a site where it will only show the top half of the page on the screen.  It looks perfect up top, but once you start to scroll, you only have blank white space.  The screen will continue to scroll even though there is nothing on the screen.


        When I debug Safari with my device connected, I can see in the Network tools that it is downloading all items; HTML, CSS, JS, etc.  There aren't any Console errors that would be an issue either.


        To make matters worse, it only happens on some devices.  It doesn't happen on my iPhone, but it happens on my iPad Pro.  I have had calls from other users that say that it won't work on their devices too but it works on most devices.


        Not sure how to debug it further or figure out where to look next.  The site is https://niagarafalls.ca and it usually happens after visiting a few pages (4-5 for example).