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        I have a game scene with about 300 nodes, and 120 draws, and FPS result is about 45 - 55, in iphone 6s, but about 30 in iphoneX.

        I don't know why, they run the same programme,and the same iOS 13.3 version. Anybody have engage the same issue?

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          bg2b Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

          The iPhone X is driving a display of about 2400x1100, the 6s only about 1300x750, so differences in FPS aren't that surprising.  Your main problem is likely the enormous number of draws: a whopping 120 for only 300 nodes.  Perhaps you're using a lot of shape or text nodes, or maybe you've got a bunch of sprite nodes whose textures aren't in an atlas, or maybe you have ignoresSiblingOrder set to false unnecessarily.  Once you fix the draw count issue, your performance will probably be much better on both devices.