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        Hello and a happy New Year,


        In our apps we have a custom-made movie controller view. From there we use the AVPlayer method seekToTime: (CMTime)time to jump to specific positions in a movie displayed in a AVPlayerView.


        The following series of actions results in wrong behavior:

        1) Use seekToTime: to jump to a position in the movie asset (from a button or a menu item).

        2) Try to use the mouse scroll-wheel over the AVPlayerView to scroll the video content forward or backward.


        The video position jumps to start (time 0) and scrolls from there, instead of scrolling around the programmatically set position in step (1).


        The problem occurs only if the first user action is scrollToTime, followed by using the scroll-wheel. Changing the sequence of actions, or after getting the wrong behavior the first time, things behave as expected.


        Is there any way around this very annoying problem?


        Christos Konidaris


        P.S. Also submitted as problem FB7506896.