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        I'm trying already for several hours to localize the single menu item in the Info.plist file SFSafariContextMenu -> Item 0 -> Text.

        I replaced the value of the text by CONTEXT_MENU_ITEM_PASTE_ADDRESS.


        Then I created a InfoPlist.strings file and localized it in all my supported languages.


        In each localized InfoPlist.strings file, I added:


        CONTEXT_MENU_ITEM_PASTE_ADDRESS = "Wegwerfbare E-Mail-Adresse einfügen";



        CONTEXT_MENU_ITEM_PASTE_ADDRESS = "Coller une adresse jetable";



        CONTEXT_MENU_ITEM_PASTE_ADDRESS = "Paste disposable address";


        Then I cleaned the build project directory and compiled again the project and run it.


        Now Safari is showing in the context menu "CONTEXT_MENU_ITEM_PASTE_ADDRESS" without showiung the real localized value of it.


        Is this a bug in the Apple framework?