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        I am working on an healthcare product for in hand experience to receive ECG Data with the help ECG Detection BLE Peripheral and iOS App.


        This app will be installed on the patient iPhone/iPad and patient will have a BLE accessory and which will send ECG Data to the mobile app and patient can take an ECG Test for 72hours even, in this case I cannot force a patient to be only with this app in foreground for all 72 hours. Hence I moved the data receiving part from the BLE accessory to background. Hence the app will receive the ECG Data from the BLE Peripheral even in the background. But when the user using some other heavy resource required app, then iOS stops the background operation for receiving the ECG Data. Kindly help me to resolve this. Do we have anything like Service in Android which will run the process continuously even when the app not alive or when the app goes to background OS will never stops the operation.