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        Greetings all,


        We are a software company that has developed an App for iOS and Android for a client.

        This client is dedicated to hiring hundreds of people every weekend to make product promotions in large stores and shopping centers.

        The contract of these workers lasts between a few hours to several days. For example, they have hired more than 2,000 people for Christmas.

        Workers will use their own device to install the App.

        The App allows the registration of the working hours, signing in the App when entering and leaving work.

        In order to use the App, the company  must have registered the employment contract in the company's ERP.


        Once this is done, the worker can activate  the App just entering the NIF and email.

        We have tried to publish the App in the Apple Store, but it is  rejected for being an App for just a company, not for everyone.

        We have been considering other alternatives for  distributing  the application, therefore  we have registered with Apple Bussines Manager, both our company and the client.

        As far as I know, it is necessary to register in Apple Bussines Manager the devices on which the App is going to be installed, but these devices belong to workers, not to the  company.


        Please, could you tell me,  how can we distribute the application to our client's workers.


        Thank you