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        Hi, I'm trying to distribute an app..

        With my Dev ID app cert I've succesfully signed and notarized the .app, then packed to dmg and signed and notarized it.

        both stepled.


        checking app with

        spctl -a -v myApp.app



        myApp.app: accepted 
        source=Notarized Developer ID


        then checked the dmg

        spctl -a -t open --context context:primary-signature -v my.dmg



        my.dmg: accepted
        source=Notarized Developer ID


        seems like everything is ok.


        Now, according to this https://help.apple.com/xcode/mac/current/#/dev1cc22a95c I'm testing the launch behavior:

        - uploaded dmg file to google drive, then downloaded.

        - opened dmg and copied app to Applications folder.

        - trying to run it and see the message "'myApp' can't be opened because the identity of developer cannot be confirmed."


        Checking downloaded app from apps folder with spctl still says Notarized Developer ID.


        Even checked it with check-signature tool, result:

        (c) 2014 Apple Inc.  All rights reserved.


        also used advice from this forum(after gatekeeper message appeared):

        log show --info --predicate "process =='XprotectService' and composedMessage contains 'rPathCommand'" --last 10m 


        Filtering the log data using "process == "XprotectService" AND composedMessage CONTAINS "rPathCommand""
        Skipping debug messages, pass --debug to include.
        Timestamp                       Thread     Type        Activity             PID    TTL 
        Log      - Default:          0, Info:                0, Debug:             0, Error:          0, Fault:          0
        Activity - Create:           0, Transition:          0, Actions:           0



        What's wrong with it?


        macOS Mojave 10.14.6