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        I am experiencing a strange, reproducible bug in Test Flight while trying to update an application.


        We are using release version of iOS 13.3. The device in question (one of the devices anyway is a 3 week old iPhone 11 Pro Plus.


        I assign user to version x in TF, download app, sign in.

        App is in foreground

        I assign user to version x + 1 in TF, TF shows Update, I upate.

        Progress wheel spins toward end and stops.

        I return to the app and can to things normally.

        App does not update.

        If I kill the app (and sometimes also kill Test Flight and relaunch), then the update will update. I do not open the app. The app has the normal updating greyed out look, cannot get into the app, all is well.


        We can reproduce on other devices.


        Does anyone else have this problem? Can I use Xcode to see what is happening.