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        I have a program that handles INPlayMediaIntent in an extension. This works fine as long as you are using Siri in english. Switching to another language makes Siri consider the query as a web search. To reproduce, please check out https://github.com/mickeyl/iOS-Bug-Example-Projects and have a look at the Siri-Localized-MediaIntents-Broken folder.



        – Switch Siri to english

        – Edit the extension run scheme to feed Siri with, e.g., "Play Running in SiriTest"

        – Result is fine, Siri recognizes that you’re talking about <appname> and runs the extension (actually the first time it asks you whether it can have access to SiriTest data, but that alone means it's working fine).



        – Switch Siri to german

        – Edit the extension run scheme to feed Siri with the query, "Spiele Running in SiriTest“

        – Result is wrong, Siri does not recognize that SiriTest has been referred and considers this as a web search, thus reporting that it has not found anything meaningful.


        Is this a bug (which is what I'm suspecting) or am I dong anything wrong here?