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        In SiriKit there is INActivateCarSignalIntent which allows you to recognize when a user asks for an "audible" or "visual" signal.


        For example if you say "Honk my car’s horn." `INCarSignalOptions.audible` will be passed to your handler. If you say "Flash my car's lights" `INCarSignalOptions.visual` will be passed to your handler.


        However, the above documentation states:


        "Users can ask Siri to activate their car’s signals in a variety of ways. Table 2 provides a few sample phrases in different languages. You can use these phrases during testing to trigger your intents. This list isn’t exhaustive, and Siri may recognize many other phrases."


        This is confusing because there are other phrases that can trigger `audible` or `.visual` intents. This makes it unreliable to know what the user is actually asking for. "visual" and "audible" are too generic and can apply to many things. For example "flash the car lights" and "turn on the car lights" both trigger `INCarSignalOptions.visual`.


        It would make much more sense if when you asked to honk your car's horn, the intent passed you `.honkHorn = true` (all other SiriKit intents are that descriptive besides this one).


        Is there something I am missing here? Is there a reliable way to know what the user asked for in regards to honking the horn, flashing the lights, turning the lights on, etc?