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        I am having a little trouble with pausing a scene where there are SCNNodes present that have SCNParticleSystems attached.

        The way I pause the scene is by setting the isPaused attribute to true. Then for resuming the game, I set it to false again and the scene resumes where it left off. This works as long as there are no SCNNodes with SCNParticleSystems attached.


        As soon as I add just one SCNNode with an SCNParticleSystem, the scene is paused by setting isPaused to true, however, it seems to be rendering the scene in the background, since as soon as I reset the isPaused attribute to false, the scene does not resume from the paused location but jumps to the extrapolated scene's state.


        I hope I am clear enough.


        Thanks for the help.

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          i think i get what you are saying. not sure if the same issue by i have not been able to stop/pause particle systems. when a particle system gets destroyed or hidden, live particles continue their lifespan. not sure if a bug or a feature.

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            I had a similar prooblem and open a support incident with Developer Technical Support.  They replied:


            Please file a bug report for this behavior using Feedback Assistant.  There is no workaround to avoid this behavior, adding a particle system to the scene will cause the renderer to render continuously.


            So it would appear there is no way to stop automatic rendering when using a particle system.  I sort of worked around it by dropping the preferredFrameRate down to something like 10 when nothing is happening.  When the user interacts with the view again I bump it up to the maximum.