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        Hi folks,


        I'd like to add a Siri Intent Extension to my Objective-C project. Users should be able to pick it in the "Shortcuts" app to trigger it by voice. The extension should only read out a result string to the user. Sounds quite simple, doesn't it?


        So far I've enabled Siri capability for my app, added the Intent Extension, defined the intent with a fixed result, and implemented a dummy handler, but Siri doesn't show my shortcut and I assume that's because I haven't donated the shortcut so far.


        Unfortunately I cannot get my brain around the concept of  donations (in this context): My app is not going to be launched, there is no specific workflow related to the shortcut, but it should just tell the user what their next lesson a school is: no required parameter, neiter any confirmation, nor a user interaction, not even a specific Intention UI...


        Is a donation required to make Siri recognize my shortcut? So the app needs to be run at least once to use the shortcut? Does my app need to request Siri access from the user? All examples I found were dealing with more complex scenarios, including app integrations. Do I need to walk all this road?


        Any help is appreciated, Mattes