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        How would I go about using (or even creating) a custom Cyrillic or Arabic font on iOS?

        I can successfully use my (Latin) custom font in iOS. But I do not have a Cyrillc or Arabic version of my font.


        What would I need to do to have the OS use a Cy/Ar version of my font? I guess I don't understand at all how the OS would "select" the alternate font version to use for a different language.

        Assuming I build it properly in a font tool (such as Fontographer/FontLab, or whatever the new version of a tool like that is), does the system know to use it if it's named with "CY" at the end of it? I assume there are more granular settings I must use when building the font... But how does iOS know to use it?

        I'm hoping the OS is sufficiently advanced that I don't have to do a switch/if-else on user's language setting to make a UIFont item of the correct font.

        Any pointing in the right direction appreciated.


        Thanks, Chris


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