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        I have a buesiness application that builds an employee time card.  Two critical elements are time and GPS locations.  Is it possible to test a setting in the device to confirm the time is coming from the cell towers v/s an individual who is manually managing the time on the device?


        A similar concern exists on the GPS location.  I have discovered if the device user is using a personal VPN the GPS location is the location of the server managing the VPN service and not the phyical location of the employee.


        My question for the group, what resources are available on the device that can be tested in code to confirm time is automatically managed and the acquired GPS location is not fooled by a personal VPN service?  Is there something I can test when the app is accessed to confirm the time is automatically managed?  Regarding GPS, is there something I can call or test for the presence of a VPN?  If the resource is used I assume acquiring the GPS from the satellite is a workaround to the VPN returning an inaccurate GPS location.


        Thank you in advance for your comments and suggestion.

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          You can download time information from a number of websites that display current time.


          I'm not sure you are correct regarding the location information that is returned in coreLocation.framework methods like locationManager:didUpdateLocations:  I think they are unaffected by VPN - but I could be wrong.