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        From the below description from Apple's documentation https://developer.apple.com/documentation/sirikit/creating_an_intents_ui_extension/configuring_the_view_controller_for_your_custom_interface

        Although SiriKit often passes only one parameter at a time to your configureView(for:of:interactiveBehavior:context:completion:) method, you can configure a view that displays content for any number of parameters. When calling the completion handler of your configuration method, provide SiriKit with the set of parameters that your interface displays. Before creating a new view controller with the next set of parameters, SiriKit checks to see if you already displayed those parameters. If you did, SiriKit does not ask you to display them again.

        I was expecting a call to the configureView method on following situations

        1. before the user has provided any parameter inputs. This time INParameter list will be empty
        2. before asking each parameter input from the user. So we can decide whether to show a custom UI for that input or allow siri to show it's default UI.

        So I have created a custom intent (of category Order) which accepts 3 parameters. And a custom UI has to be shown to the user during every input parameter.

        But call to the configureView method happens only once after the user providing all the input parameters. So always the default UI from Siri has been displayed. Also the INParameter list is empty.

        Is it possible to show custom UI for every input parameter ? Or is this limited only to the system intents ?

        I am testing with iOS 13.