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        My company want to enroll ios phone and sent command to them by MDM protocol.

        We have installed and configure OS X Server on a mac and we can enroll ios phone, the problem it seems that we cannot interact programmaticaly with the MDM Server ?

        Are there API available to contact the Server to know which devices are enrolled and sent command to these devices ?


        We have try to modify the checkinUrl in the enrollement profile to intercept the information before transfering the packets : it's work well, we've got token device and pushMagic, but can we send MDM command by pushnotification to these device with these information ?

        In the apple documentation it's seems that mdm push just ask to the device to call the ServerUrl (and not our webserver) where the command are queued.


        For doing our job, have we to create a MDM Server from scratch and remove the OsX MDM Server ?