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        Hey guys,


        Our newest iOS app has two auto-renewable in-app subscriptions. Given the two-day delay of App Store Connect when it comes to displaying sales, we have implemented a feature that registers the sales on our server.

        Specifically, we use the StoreKits completion handler when making a purchase; every time there is a successful completion of the sale, we enable the premium functions and register the sale on the server. Now, there are two major discrepancies that have lead to a difference in revenue of almost $70 per day.


        1. Not all sales are shown on App Store Connect. Specifically, we have had 14 successful sales of our yearly auto-renewable subscription (no trial) during the last three days where, because of StoreKit saying that the purchase was successful, we enabled the premium functions.

        However, App Store Connect only shows one on the first day. It shows none for the last two days.


        2. Secondly, that one sale was made in Saudi-Arabia and has generated a revenue of $5.60, according to Apple. However, our proceeds have only been increased by $3.73. That would be 35% comission, not 30%.


        How is that possible? We genuinely feel tricked by Apple.