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        I just updated the version of Xcode I was using to build a KEXT project. I needed to run kextlibs on the Kext in order to update the OSBundleLibraries key in the Info.plist for the KEXT. When I do this, I get the following output:


        For all architectures:
            com.apple.iokit.IOSerialFamily = 11.0
            com.apple.iokit.IOUSBHostFamily = 1.2
            com.apple.kpi.iokit = 18.7
            com.apple.kpi.libkern = 18.7
        For x86_64:
            2 symbols not found in any library kext:


        When I run the two symbols that were not found through the demangler, it is telling me they are:





        I double checked to make sure that I had not made any code changes - the only change is moving to Xcode Version 11.2.1 (11B500).


        I would appreciate any ideas as to how I can solve this issue.