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        I am using CNCopySupportedInterfaces to get the connected wifi network, but it shows nil sometime.


        I have enabled all the capabilities like Wifi Information, Hotspot configuration & network extension. I have also allowed the location permission too. I am using ios 13.2


        I used the NEHotspotConfiguration too but it is also returning the nil & this is the random issue.


        Below is the code to get the wifi info:


        -(NSString*)fetchSSIDInfo {


            NSArray *ifs = (__bridge_transfer NSArray *)CNCopySupportedInterfaces();


            NSDictionary *info;


            for (NSString *ifnam in ifs) {


                info = (__bridge_transfer NSDictionary *)CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo((__bridge CFStringRef)ifnam);


                if (info && [info count]) {


                    return [info objectForKey:@"SSID"];





            return @"No WiFi Available";




        Is this the iOS issue or any other solution for this.