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        Recently, I found CFNwtwork FTP related API such as CFFTPCreateParsedResourceListing is not working.

        However, It was just working last week. Is that any annooucement by Apple?

        I check documentation, it mentioned such this FTP releated API was deprecated(iOS2.0-9.0).

        I verify only device with iOS10 and lower version will be OK for this API.


        Who can deliver more specific information about that to me? Many thanks.

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          One approach to take in keeping up with API deprecations and APIs no longer being supported is to always test whether the latest beta or the latest minor/major version update impacts your software.  The App Store should let you know when there are updates to Xcode that contain newer versions of our platform SDKs and your iOS device can alert you when new software updates are ready to install.  You can also check the iOS & iPadOS Release notes for deprecation impacts on the release notes page.


          In general it is recommended that when an API such as CFFTPCreateParsedResourceListing is deprecated that a solution be put in place for replacing this API.  In this case that solution (NSURLSession) could be tested on that next major/minor release and implemented when testing has completed.



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