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        1. If have a "7 day free trial" Subscription in my app - after how long will a sale register on "app store connect" after a trail has been purchased.
        2. Is there a report within App Store Connect that reports on how many "7 Day free trails" have been actioned and how many subsiquent subscription have been canceled?


        WIth thanks in advance for your kind feedback

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          Are you asking about App Analytics?


          "Subscription Conversion and Retention Rates

          View monthly introductory price conversion rates and retention rates for the 12 months preceding a selected end date. With this information, you can gain a better understanding of the introductory pricing offers that are most effective in converting users. You can also see how effective you are at retaining subscribers, and whether the retention rate differs based on your app, the subscription start month, or the subscription offerings."


          Looks like the keyword is 'monthly', so however long it takes for that report to become available following a given month, say at least a few days, maybe a week, after a fiscal calendar month closes.