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        We use rsync to backup a user's documents to a network share and I seem to have run into an issue having it run at login.


        I can run the script below,  at the terminal prompt, without root access, and the rync command will run without error and I will get a successful backup on the network share:


        rsync -rltgoD  --progress --no-p --delete --cvs-exclude ~/Documents /Volumes/dfs/"$adOU"/"$loggedInUser"/"$computerName"


        When I add that command to be run by Enterprise Connect after a successful login, it fails with the following error message:


        building file list ...

        0 files...

        rsync: opendir "/Users/<USERNAME>/Documents" failed: Operation not permitted (1)

        1 file to consider

        IO error encountered -- skipping file deletion


        Currently running 10.15.1



        Thank you for any advice.

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          Update to this thread.  This script runs fine under High Sierra, as a script that runs after a successful Enterprise Connect login to the server.  It appears this is only happening under Catalina.

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            This is a consequence of new user privacy protections in macOS 10.15.  See WWDC 2019 Session 701 Advances in macOS Security for all the details.  As a user, you can grant access to the tool by adding it to the list in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Files and Folders.

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