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        I forgot my security questions only know my apple account + password. How can I reset security questions? I also cant turn on two factor authentication because of this. So I can't renew apple developer membership or update my apps, I did contact apple support many times they all said if you dont know your security questions anymore it means your account is gone, is this normal? Will apple developer support solve this issue or will they also say the same thing?

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               >only know my apple account + password.


          If you know your password and it's working, what's the issue - you can do everything you want to do.  No idea what the security questions have to do with renewing your dev account, but it sounds like you're either off in the weeds, or up to no good


          Use your apple ID and valid password to log in to the Member Center and go about your business. You can worry about security questions/apple ID management later.


          If you're logged in and having issues renewing an expired developer program account, sure, use the 'contact us' link below to contact dev support. I'd not expect them to get involved with basic apple ID management, however.