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        Let's say I have game levels: level_1.scn, level_2.scn, level_3.scn and so on. What's the best way to go from the current level to the next level if the player has completed the level?


        Here's what I tried:

        extension GameViewController: SCNPhysicsContactDelegate {
            func physicsWorld(_ world: SCNPhysicsWorld, didEnd contact: SCNPhysicsContact) {
                guard let nodeA = contact.nodeA.name else { return }
                guard let nodeB = contact.nodeB.name else { return }
                if nodeA == "player" && nodeB == "finishLine" || nodeA == "finishLine" && nodeB == "player" {
                    if let scene = SCNScene(named: "scenes.scnassets/level_2.scn") {
                        sceneView.present(scene, with: .fade(withDuration: 0.25), incomingPointOfView: nil, completionHandler: nil)


        Once this part of the code is executed, the scene is changed, but with a significant delay. My levels are pretty simple and I don't think they should be loaded for more than 1 second. And after the scene changes, I lose the ability to control the player.


        Looks like I'm doing something wrong. Because the console displays a warning: Scene is modified within a rendering callback of another scene (). This is not allowed and may lead to a crash.


        How to create the correct logic for changing scenes?