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        Hi everyone,

        I've created a new version of an app which is currently live on the app store. I get the error mentioned in the title whenever I try to save some edits done on the iOS APP version info page, on the App Store Connect.


        (Check means: form completed within the character limits)


        • What's New in This Version: Check
        • App Previews and Screenshots: loaded 4 screenshots for every size required
        • Promotional Text: Check
        • Description: Check
        • Keywords: Check
        • Support and Marketing URL: Check
        • Build: Loaded
        • Version and Age Rating: Check
        • Copyright: Check
        • Contact Information under App Review Information: Check
        • Version Release: Check
        • Phased Release for Automatic Updates: Check
        • Reset iOS Summary Rating: Check
        • App Information and Pricing: Check (I've correctly set a title, a privacy policy URL, both a primary and secondary category, and a price tier)


        I then click on Save but nothing. A red warning appears saying: "There are one or more errors on the page". No visual clue or textual representation of where the errors might be.

        I've also created another app for testing purposes, not meant to be published on the app store.

        The info I've added on both of them is identical, but on the official app I get the error. Whereas on the test app, with the same screenshots and textfields I can save with no issues.

        What am I doing wrong?

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          By inspecting the server response upon clicking on Save, I notice there's still a lingering error here: imgur com/a/wVoKHQa , under the phoneNumber key, under the appStoreInfo key. Any clue to where I can edit that specific piece of information? On the app store connect I don't see any setting related to my team's info like address, email etc. Where can I find it?