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        Having made an app that allows users to save documents to iCloud Drive, I'm left with questions regarding the .editingDisabled state. My app calls open on the document and if the completion handler returns as a success I present the document. Initially the documentState property is always .normal however sometimes after a couple of seconds, it changes to .editingDisabled for half a second and then changes back to .normal. So my questions are as follows:


        a) Is there anywhere that explains what .editingDisabled actually means - e.g. why is it disabled?


        b) Is there a way to detect whether a document will switch to .editingDisabled at the point when the open completion handler returns? I'd quite like to disable editing on the document before it appears rather than presenting it, and then suddenly disabling edits.


        c) Is my document state ever going to change to .editingDisabled once it's been open and the user has been working on it for a while? If so, I'd be interested in the best approach for handling this state (disable the document, make edits elsewhere and merge them later?)


        Thanks very much