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        I want to playback audio data received from the network. My incoming audio PCM data are in the format Int16, 1 channel, sample rate 8000, 160 bytes/package


        Now I'm not sure, which audio format iOS is supporting on the speaker side? IMHO I have to work with Float32 and the sample rate 44.100 / 48000 is that right?


        So I think I have to convert my Int16 linear PCM data to Float32. Maybe I have also tu resample the data from 8k to 48k,

        I'm not sure (maybe the hardware does it).


        Could someone help me? Here is my current code, where I build the AVAudioPCMBuffer.


        func convertInt16ToFloat32(_ data: [Int16]) -> AVAudioPCMBuffer {
          let audioBuffer = AVAudioPCMBuffer(pcmFormat: outputFormat!, frameCapacity: 160)!
          // Each real data of the array input is reduced to the interval [-1, 1]
          for i in 0..<data.count {
             // Convert the buffer to floats. (before resampling)
             let div: Float32 = (1.0 / 32768.0)
             let floatKiller = div * Float32(i)
             audioBuffer.floatChannelData?.pointee[i] = floatKiller
          audioBuffer.frameLength = audioBuffer.frameCapacity
          return audioBuffer


        And on the other side I play back the created AVAudioPCMBuffer in my AVAudioEngine.


        func playFromNetwork(data: [Int16]) {
          // data: linear data PCM-Int16, sample rate 8000, 160 bytes
          let audio = convertInt16ToFloat32(data)
          // playback converted data on AVAudioPlayerNode
          self.playerNode!.scheduleBuffer(audio, completionHandler: nil)
          Logger.Audio.log("Play audio data .....")


        Here is my setup for AVAudioEngine:

        func initAudio() {
          try! AVAudioSession.sharedInstance().setActive(true)
          try! AVAudioSession.sharedInstance().setCategory(.playback)
          let outputFormat = AVAudioFormat.init(commonFormat: AVAudioCommonFormat.pcmFormatFloat32, sampleRate: 8000, channels: 1, interleaved: false)  
          engine = AVAudioEngine()
          playerNode = AVAudioPlayerNode()
          engine!.connect(playerNode!, to: engine!.mainMixerNode, format: outputFormat)
          try! engine!.start()