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        I am trying to submit a macOS app built with Unity to the Mac App Store. I followed the instructions mentioned in the Unity documentation, Delivering your application to the Mac App Store.


        I am able to run the Build command for macOS and get a .app bundle for my app. I am also able to launch it and it runs fine. However, after running the following codesign command (as mentioned in the linked document above), the app freezes upon launch and has to be force quitted. This is the codesign command line that I am running:


        codesign -o runtime -f --deep -s '3rd Party Mac Developer Application: DEVELOPER NAME' --entitlements "GAMENAME.entitlements" "/AppPath/GAMENAME.app"


        I have a paid (Individual) developer license with Apple, and have properly set up the certificates in keychain as mentioned in the document. I also managed to check that the app bundle was signed by running the command line:


        codesign -dv --verbose=4 GAMENAME.app


        Running the above command displays that it's signed with my 3rd Party Mac App Developer certificate.


        I have tried looking for a way to export the Xcode project out from Unity app, so I can attempt to build and sign it with Xcode, but after searching the Web, I realized that Unity doesn't have support for exporting the Xcode project for macOS app yet (it can do the same for iOS).


        I am running the current latest version of all the software, and the same are mentioned below:


        1. macOS Catalina 10.15.1


        2. Xcode 11.2.1


        3. Unity 2019.2.13


        My questions are:


        1. What is it that may be going wrong?


        2. What other avenues do I have?


        I am looking for distributing the app exclusively via the Mac App Store for the time being. This is going to be a paid app (if that's relevant).

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          I was able to get a solution for the same here:




          It is quoted below:


          If you are building the `.app` from the command line (using Unity's command line invocation), try building from the editor instead.



          Confirm you are not building a 32 bit-only binary.



          Try removing `-o runtime` from your codesign command, this is the only part of your process that differs from mine, and mine works fine.



          Otherwise, when uploading to the App Store, I believe Xcode will sign for you. While this will not be different from `codesign`, Xcode may check if you accidentally blocked or otherwise misconfigured running binaries signed by you on your particular machine. You should test on a different machine or macOS VM.