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        Greetings all,

        I am Ajay negi, working as an iOS developer at rudra innovatives. We, here trying to make an app which works on family security, especially focusing on children and women's safety. This app includes live location tracking, push notifications, chatting and more (you can search justAriv on App store for more information). There is a group of people where one can track down other's location.

        It's been 2 year since we started on this app, working fine in android but in iOS there is still one major issue we are facing.

        We can't update user event when he terminates the app.

        * significant location changes are working even after termination, it is showing user current location. and geofencing is also working

        * what is not working, we can't update a single label of the user(who terminated the app) when that user turn off his location or turn off his wifi.

        * what I want to achieve is  a user who is tracking other users in that group, it would always show "Last updated: just now" when other users terminates the app, only if they disconnect their location service it would show "Location service Disabled" on that same label.

        * In my case when user terminated it would show “Last updated: one min ago, two min ago, so on so forth..), it is not safe because user can kill app by mistake and no one keep app at background they just swipe it up, so unless they disable the  location, it would always show “just now” so user can track down other user happily

        Background services works on android so we achieved that easily, in iOS we tried by VoIP(but in iOS 13 it only works with call kit), Amazon SNS, silent push all failed, stackoverflow is flooded with this question, How to get events on app when app is terminated?

        I will be very thankful if you provide me an answer

        With regards

        Ajay Negi

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          Reading through your email I’m not 100% sure I understand your requirements.  My best guess is that you’d like the system to relaunch your app in the background after the user has terminated it by removing it from the multitasking UI.  If so, that’s not something that’s feasible.  The system interprets that termination gesture as a strong indication from the user that they don’t want your app to run again, and thus it won’t relaunch your app in background until the user has manually launched the app [1].

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