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        I am using an NWConnection object to send a UDP packed from the an Apple Watch to a network server. Everything works fine as long as the watch is connected to the iPhone. The network trace shows the packets are send from the iPhone's wifi IP.


        If I put the iPhone in Airplane mode and the watch is using it's own wi-fi network, the UDP connection remains in waiting mode. The network is fine - web request from the Watch using URLSession object are still working.


        Here is the udp connection information after the iPhone is taken offline:


        connection state turns to waiting with error "POSIXErrorCode: Network is down"

        connection info:   Optional([C2 server.domain.com:port udp, indefinite, prefer companion, path unsatisfied (Path was denied by NECP policy), interface: en0, ipv4])


        What am I missing. Is there a permission I have to set?


        See below the info.plist for the Watch extension: