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          Your question is not clear.

          Is it a MacOS App (I guess so).


          The image you show looks like a genuine view, not a menu.

          So what do you want ? create this in a menu ?

          Would this be a menu in the menu bar ?


          There is no such predefined menu.

          But you can easily mimic it, if I guessed correctly what you want.

          When hitting the menu, just display a popOver window, pointing its top arrow to the exact menu location.

          Then you can draw what you want in this window.

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              Thanks, I removed the question, as I didn't know I wasn't suppossed to post image link. So I removed the question. You are right it is just a pop up view. I am designing it for ios. Lot of options, as things have changed a lot in the last several years. I want to keep the view in same controller and just pop it in the main view when button pressed. I can use seques, or autolayout anchors to move the view in and out of visible view, or I can hide the view, then once button is pressed I can unhide the view. Also add as a subview. Don't know exactly what I want to do yet. Autolayout in a scrollview with popups it quit challenging for me since I have been away so long. A lot has changed. The code I am changing in my app is 5 years old and was done in Objective - C. I have also looked at using xib. But still undecided. Thanks. Open to any suggesetions.....