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        I watch the WWDC video regarding keep iPhone and independent watch app (watchos 6) in sync. So I have made a simple cloudkit subscription on the Apple Watch on a record (watch os 6).


        1) On the iPhone I modify the record, but when the iPhone is unlocked the notification is never send from cloudkit to the Apple Watch.


        If I modify the record directly on the cloudkit dashboard and

        2a) the iPhone is locked, then the silent notification is sent to the watch.

        2b) the iPhone is unlocked, then it is show directly on the iPhone. For user visible notification this behavior make sense, but in case of silent notification it doesn´t, because there is no way if you change settings on the iPhone App (iPhone unlocked), that you get a push to the watch (via the cloudkit subscription).


        Does anybody have the same problem or any way to get this working with cloudkit?

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          In CloudKit a notification based on a subscription is not sent to the one iPhone that posted the change in CloudKit that generates the notification.  Therefore it will not be passed from that iPhone to the Apple Watch.  If you use any other iPhone to cause the subscription to trigger a notification then it will be sent to that iPhone and passed to the Apple Watch.