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        I'm working on my first SceneKit (3D) game and I can't figure out an easy way to paint 3D textures for my game, to be used as diffuse and normal images etc.


        I have Cheetah 3D on Mac, which allows me to paint textures straight onto the 3D models, or I can use Cheetah 3D to create a texture image based on the 3D model unwrapped. But painting using my MacBook Trackpad isn't very natural (and therefore not easy), and the textures exported by Cheetah 3D aren't always unwrapped in a way that makes it easy to then paint. For example, painting along seams is a problem because you have to match both sides of the seam.


        What I'm hoping for is an iPad app that I can use with my Apple Pencil to draw directly onto a 3D model (presumbly in dae format) so that it affects the texture image mapped to that 3D object. I'd then like to save that texture image to drag into XCode and use in SceneKit.


        Can anybody please point me in the direction of any such iPad apps? Searching has failed me. Also, what do other people use to paint their textures? Do they just paint the 2D unwrapped versions, or maybe they use apps like Cheetah 3D, Blender, etc?


        If there's not an iPad/Pencil app for doing such a thing, it seems like a huge gap in the market to provide indie developers with such an app for a reasonable price.