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        New Iphone 11 Pro Max, unpaired watch from old iPhone max


        device UDID registered with developer account, updated to 13.3 beta 3 with Ipsw, Restored from 13.3 beta 3 iCloud backup to reinstall apps etc. installed iOS 13 beta certificate. Cannot install 6.1.1 watch certificate as no watch is paired.


        watch app will not initiate the camera to scan watchs cloud QR code. Gives a message requiring connection and Bluetooth which it has. Watch pairs and then unpairs a few seconds later. Retreated 6 times. Deleted watch app. Reinstalled watch app. No change.


        Paired watch successfully with a iPhone XS running identical setup eg 13.3 beta 3. 


        Bug report lodged.


        Anyone know (or think) Is this a hardware problem? Or the relative mismatch of certificates because of the iCloud restore?


        There was a config file previously available that allowed some backward compatibility but as the watch is functional i guess one solution is to wait for a stable 6.1.1 and a stable 13.3.