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        Hi all,


        I installed a kernel extension with bundle version 2.0.2 in Mac OS 10.15

        Then I update a new kernel extension in bundle version 2.0.6 by below steps:

        Step 1. pre-install:

        sudo rm -rf /Library/Extensions/kextname.kext

        Step 2. Install pkg with kernel extension in v2.0.6

        Step 3. post-install:

        sudo kextutil -v /Library/Extensions/kextname.kext
        sudo kextcache -i /

        Step 4. Reboot my Macbook Pro


        Do some test with my kernel extensions in v2.0.6, kernel extension seem not working

        Note: my kernel extension is the driver of usb device.

        Step1: use tool to run some test

        Step2: unplug usb device,

        Step3: wait for 4~5 minutes,

        Step4: reconnect usb device,

        Step5: use tool to run test fail


        Use below command to check

        sudo kextstat | grep mykeyword

        It shows bundle id with v2.0.2


        Then, I use below commands to remove current kernel extension to debug this issue

        sudo rm -rf /Library/Extensions/kextname.kext
        sudo kextcache -i /
        sudo kextcache --clear-staging
        sudo reboot


        After reboot,

        my kernel extension is not existed in below path:




        Go to Apple Menu > About This Mac > Overview > System Report > Software > Extensions

        my kernel extension is not found


        Use below command to check

        sudo kextstat | grep mykeyword

        It still show bundle id with v2.0.2


        After I update Mac OS to 10.15.1

        it does not occur again.


        I've seen a similar issue reported in below link



        Is my issue the same as above link?

        If yes, is there a way to clear and/or find the remained kernel extension manually?