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        Hi All,


        I am trying to read the "sphericalHarmonicsCoefficients: Data" object. I can print and see that the number of bytes is 108 in the retrieved object.

        I use the below code to read the "Data" object into a "Float" array.


        private func procSph(sphHar: Data) -> Array<Float32>
                var sphCoeff = [Float]()
                var bytes = [UInt8]()
                var tmpByte: UInt8
                var tmpSph: Data
                var tmpFloat:Float = 0.0
                var cnt:Int = 0
                tmpSph = sphHar
                for i in 0...107
                    cnt = cnt + 1
                    tmpByte = tmpSph.remove(at: i)
                    if(cnt == 4)
                        memcpy(&tmpFloat, bytes, 4)
                        cnt = 0
                return sphCoeff


        So basically I am extracting 4 bytes, converting them to "Float" storing them into array. The above code works fine till the 54th byte, and then it gives an exception in line no. 16 as I try to read the 55th byte.


        Thanks for your help in advance _/\_


        Best Regards,