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        Since iOS 13.3 the NavigationLink inside a NavigationView is broken. This is only for real iOS devices, the simulator works fine.


        Steps to reproduce:

        1. Create a new project with SwiftUI
        2. Replace the ContentView struct with the code at the bottom of this post
        3. Run the app on a physical iOS device with iOS 13.3 beta 2/3
        4. Tap the show detail screen button
        5. Tap back button at the top
        6. Tap the show button again and it doesn't do anything anymore


        Note that this bug only occurs on a real device. This worked perfectly fine before in iOS 13.2. I reported this bug in the Feedback Assistant as well (FB7457511)


        struct ContentView: View {
            var body: some View {
                NavigationView {
                    NavigationLink(destination: Text("Detail screen")) {
                        Text("Show detail screen")