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        I'm having an issue with the margin of a right NavigationBarButton.

        I've distilled this down to a fresh single-view project in Xcode 11. I have a launch screen storyboard and a main storyboard.

        The main storyboard has an Initial ViewController with a single button that points to a NavigationController and a resulting ViewController.


        The toolbar has two buttons that appear as such:


        If I then segue to another NavigationController with a ViewController with two bar buttons, it looks like this:

        Why, in the second ViewController, is the right button against the edge and not the margin?


        This appears to be a problem with the new presentation style in iOS 13. If I change the first navigation controller presentation style to fullscreen, the second controller now displays properly (the Item button is properly aligned to the margin).


        Might this be a bug in iOS or XCODE?


        If anyone wants to try the project it is at 1drv.ms/u/s!ArrsM4oXrGGbp6J0p4_-YFr6ogXYeA?e=KhkZPL

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          I tested (XCode 11.3 beta, OSX 10.14.6) and got the same.


          I completed your project with linking left item of the second VC to the first nav.

          Every presentation is set to automatic.


          No change if you segue as push or modally.

          Problem when going from 1 -2 or 2-1 (created a second button in Viewcontroller (initial) to go directly to 2.


          But problem disappear, as you said, if one of the controllers presentation is set to full screen.


          So, it seems that the problem comes from stacking several VC in AUtomatic presentation.


          You should file a bug report, attaching your project to it.