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        Hey there--


        My team and I are trying to figure out the notarization needs for our project. We have sent a few things in and got back improving results as we make progress.


        Now, however, we find ourselves stuck on something odd. We are using the 10.12 SDK--we force this in our build--but we still get the following error back in the json report about our executables:


        "The binary uses an SDK older than the 10.9 SDK"


        We are trying to track down if our build is inadvertently picking up something from our 10.14 machines that are old or if there is some dependency we are linking in that is cuasing this.


        Is there a way to check an executable for this error message locally so that we can make a test case for this issue?


        I have been looking around through the notarization docs and have not found a way to do this.