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        Hi. I've made a game with Phaser 3 and ported it to iOS via Cordova. It uses WebGL renderer. My game starts and works as expected, mostly I haven't any problems with performance, but I have a problem with energy usage. So my game's energy usage in Profiler is at the end of the "Very High" section. Note that there aren't any lags. Game runs in 60 fps on device but burns it up. The same game on Android ported via Cordova works with "Light" energy usage. So I think the problem isn't in my game's code.

        As I understood from my research in this forum, there are enough problems with WebGL. My main problem is that my game overheats the device.

        The main effect comes from GPU usage and network (web socket) usage.

        Is there any workaround for fixing this, or maybe it's planned to be fixed in the future?


        Thank you in advance.