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        I have a Mac OSX app that I am doing an update to - part of which is to add a new leaderboard & a few new achievements. The app already has a leaderboard & achievements in the current release that is on the Mac App Store. I've been having issues getting the app to see the new leaderboard & achievements & can't see them at all when I open the Game Center dialog. All I see are the existing leaderboard & acheivements. This has been ongoing for about 4 days now.


        Today I noticed an error message:


        [Error] No platform string for specified GKGamePlatform value (0), defaulting to iOS.


        every time my code tries to unlock an achievement (either an existing one or a new one). I searched Google, the GameKit documentation & this forum but couldn't find anything that mentions GKGamePlatform - so I'm at a bit of a loss to know what this is about & I'm not sure if it's related to my issue or not. I'm using Xcode 11.2.


        Has anyone else ever seen this error?


        UPDATE: I have searched through the GameKit framework headers & not found any reference to GKGamePlatform there either.


        - Colin.