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        I am developing an iPhone app on a PC running Windows 10 Pro, using Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019 as the development environment.

        I do not have a Mac nor do I have physical access to one. Instead, I have an account with MacinCloud at https://www.macincloud.com and can use this service to connect from my Windows PC to one of their Macs using a remote desktop connection. Visual Studio allows you to pair your local Windows PC to a remote Mac by specifying the IP address of the remote machine. This way I can build an iPhone app and debug it on a simulator without a physical Mac, all on a Windows PC - I neither know nor care where the Mac is. The difficulty comes when I want to test the app on a physical iPhone. It used to be possible to do this with iTunes by connecting the iPhone to the PC with a cable and then dragging the .IPA file generated by the build on to the device within iTunes. The new version of iTunes has removed this option so my question is: How do I get an app from a Windows PC onto a physical iPhone if I don’t have a physical Mac? I know there are a number of ways to do this but all of them seem to require a Mac to be physically present. My Mac is in America and I am in the U.K. – that’s a long cable!