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        Hello, everyone. Since I downloaded iOS 13.3 Beta 1 on my iPhone 7 (128 GB), anytime that I plug up my iPhone using my 3rd party Anker Lightning connector, it actually drains the battery instead of charging it. I have never had this issue before, not even when beta testing iOS 13.2.


        I do not have a 1st Party Apple Lightning connector to see if its the beta software or just my cable, but when I use my portable charger (Mophie brand), it charges without draining, even while using it. I am in the process of obtaining a 1st Party Lightning connector tomorrow (Sunday 11/10/19) to see if its just my charger, but in the mean time, I am still investigating whether or not it is a software issue or a connector issue.


        Is anyone else having similar issues with their devices that are running iOS 13.3 Beta 1, or am I the only one?