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        We’ve encountered an urgent problem.  We’ve discovered that, at times, the  app runs in the background and consumes our customers’ cellular data, but isn’t present on the list of active or background apps.  Let me give you an example:

        When the user clicks the “play” button from the drop-down menu, our app will be launched in the background and “music” appears on the multimedia bar   Even when the user thinks he or she has closed the app, it continues to run invisibly in the background, racking up our users’ cellular data usage.


        We need your help.  How can the app run and consume data but not be present on the list of active and background apps?  We want our users to be able to use our app efficiently.  We’ve looked at various sources for help, but there’s no specific solution to this unique problem.  Maybe we’ve overlooked it, but we’d appreciate any insights you could offer.


        How can we accurately judge the user's startup behavior, such as the background startup from multimedia click.