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        In Desktop Safari and Desktop Chrome, I am seeing the following frequently:


        1. Start playing music via window.MusicKit.getInstance().player.play()

        2. listen joyfully for awhile, a few minutes maybe.

        3. playback stops in the middle of the song and doesn't resume.

        4. hit my pause button (which calls window.MusicKit.getInstance().player.pause() and then my play button (which calls window.MusicKit.getInstance().player.play()).

        5. nothing happens. I must hit the stop button and then the start button to listen to the record again - but that starts over from the beginning.


        This is dismaying and has been happening consistently, maybe 10-25% of the time (wild guess, but an appreciable percentage) when I am using my app. AM I DOING SOMETHING WRONG? Is anybody else seeing this? I'm guessing it's not happening on apple music web but of course they have the v2 api.


        Thank you