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        I'm running xcode 11 and adding complications for the watch.
        I've read the documentation for it and I believe I'm doing it correctly.


        So the interesting part is:

        I've added a complication catalog in my asset-file in the watch extension folder. The folder is copied to the bundle at building, and assets are there since I've checked the .car file.


        I've supplied correct images for the different screen-sizes, 38, 40, 42 and 44mm.

        32px × 32px36px × 36px40px × 40px


        in project settings/general tab i've selected the correct compilation folder in the compilication group selection, checked the families that my app supports. I've selected the correct complication data source class and I am able to debug my complication controller.


        when debugging the function "getLocalizableSampleTemplateForComplication" I can't find any images when running apple watch series 3 watchOS 4 screen size 38 and 42mm.

        series 4 with OS5 and above works correctly.

        [UIImage imageNamed:@"Complication/Circular"] returns nil.


        I've found that if I add a regular icon to asset folder as universal the image can be found for the 1x scale, but 1x is not available to add in the complication folder and shouldn't be neccesary, right?


        So if I have not missed anything obvious I consider this to be an Apple bug, correct?


        Any assistance would be very much helpful!


        Kind regards