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        I'm working on an IPSec VPN solution for macOS. I've managed to get a VPN configuration installed via NEVPNManager and everything works. Except, my requirment is to disconnect the VPN when mac goes to sleep. Below is the IPSec profile which I am using.


        - (void)setupIPSec


            [self configVPNKeychain];

            NSData *passwordData = [self persistentReferenceForSavedPassword:@"username" service:kPasswordReference account:@"account" description:@"login"];

            NSData *sharedSecretData = [self persistentReferenceForSavedPassword:@"54343333" service:kSharedSecretReference account:@"account" description:@"IPSec Shared Secret"];


            // config IPSec protocol

            NEVPNProtocolIPSec *p = [[NEVPNProtocolIPSec alloc] init];

            p.username = @"username012134";

            p.serverAddress = @"ipsec.route.com";


            // get password persistent reference from keychain

            p.passwordReference = passwordData;


            p.authenticationMethod = NEVPNIKEAuthenticationMethodSharedSecret;

            p.sharedSecretReference = sharedSecretData;



            p.useExtendedAuthentication = YES;

            p.disconnectOnSleep = YES;   // This is were I am setting YES to disconnect the VPN connection when on Sleep.


            [NEVPNManager sharedManager].enabled = YES;

            [NEVPNManager sharedManager].protocolConfiguration = p;

            [NEVPNManager sharedManager].localizedDescription = @"VPN";



        Can anyone please guide me.