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        I am seeing a crash when trying to clear an NSKeyValueObservation on an NSOrderedSet on a NSManagedObject.


        I am trying to set the observation to nil in willTurnToFault but I get an EXC_BAD_ACCESS doing so.


        Trying to call invalidate() on the NSKeyValueObservation has no effect in willturnToFault(), and an error will follow: "...deallocated while key value observers were still registered with it."


        I have created a simple project that replicates the issue when run in debug:

        Github - /GilesHammond/KVO-Core-Data-Crash


        The definition of the crashing NSManagedObject is below. Any insights greatly appreciated!

        Thank you.


        public class Matter: Point
                    override public func awakeFromFetch() {
                        print("\(hosts)") // Initialise lazy member and set observation
                    public override func willTurnIntoFault() {
                        hostsObservation = nil // <-- EXC_BAD_ACCESS
                    @objc dynamic public internal(set) lazy var hosts: [Point] = {
                        hostsObservation = observe(\.hostConnections_) { [unowned self] data, change in } // Empty observation closure
                        return []
                    private var hostsObservation: NSKeyValueObservation?
        // Matter+CoreDataProperties.swift - auto generated
            extension Matter {
                @nonobjc public class func fetchRequest() -> NSFetchRequest {
                    return NSFetchRequest(entityName: "Matter")
                @NSManaged public var hostConnections_: NSOrderedSet?